Euijin Choo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Area of Study / Keywords

Data driven cyber security Bigdata analytics


  • Dr. Euijin (Alley) Choo is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computing Science at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Prior to U of Alberta, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at QCRI, a research professor at Korea University, and a visiting assistant professor at University of Missouri, Rolla. She received her Ph.D. from North Carolina State University under the supervision of Dr. Min Chi and Dr. Ting Yu in 2015. She also received her dual BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, and MS in Computer Science, at Korea University under the supervision of Dr. Heejo Lee. Her research interest sits at the intersection of security and big data analysis involving graph mining, data mining, machine learning, and deep learning. More specifically, it includes security and information assurance in e-commerce, and anomaly detection in network traffic and enterprise logs. During her research, she received Provost Fellowship from NC State University and Brain Korea 21 Scholarship from Korea Research Foundation. She was also an awardee of a few travel grants to attend major security conferences including ACM CCS and IEEE S&P. She is truly honored to be a recipient of the best paper award at DBSEC 2015.


If any student is interested in working with me, please visit my personal webpage and follow the instruction there before emailing me.


CMPUT 175 - Introduction to the Foundations of Computation II

A continuation of CMPUT 174, revisiting topics of greater depth and complexity. More sophisticated notions such as objects, functional programming, and Abstract Data Types are explored. Various algorithms, including popular searching and sorting algorithms, are studied and compared in terms of time and space efficiency. Upon completion of this two course sequence, students from any discipline should be able to build programs to solve basic problems in their area, and will be prepared to take more advanced Computing Science courses. Prerequisite: CMPUT 174 or SCI 100. Credit cannot be obtained for CMPUT 175 if one already has credit for CMPUT 275, except with permission of the Department.

CMPUT 299 - Topics in Computing Science

This topics course is designed for a one on one individual study course between a student and an instructor. Prerequisites are determined by the instructor in the course outline. See Note (3) above.

CMPUT 644 - Topics in Computing Science

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