Feiyue Akishyn, PhD

Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network

Pronouns: she, her, hers


Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network


Area of Study / Keywords

Health Research Nutrition Diabetes Clinical Trial Regulations Grant Development


I completed my PhD in Nutrition at the University of Alberta (UofA) in 2016 with the focus on dietary management in Chinese immigrants with Type 2 Diabetes. Subsequently, I joined the Clinical Islet Transplant Program at the UofA as a Research Coordinator, where I gained substantial experience in coordinating research development and grant applications, clinical trial applications, contract and agreement review, budget management, and reporting to industry sponsors and funding agencies. Then I worked as a Grants Administrator at Research Administrative Services before I started my current role of Research Partner supporting the College of Health Sciences. My main focus is to provide support to researchers in their research development and grant applications and help build interdisciplinary collaborations. I am also currently a part-time MBA student at the UofA.

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