Jairan Gahan

Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Arts - History & Classics Dept


Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Arts - History & Classics Dept



I finished my PhD in Religious Studies concentrating on the many convergences and divergences between Islamic ideas and ideals and those of the modern world with an eye on women's histories. I obtained my Master's degree from EFLU, Hyderabad, India, in Literary and Cultural studies. 

Fun facts: Many years ago in a past life, I authored a novel in Farsi titled Under the Carefree Afternoon Sun زیر آفتاب خوشخیال عصر. Ask me for a copy if you can read Farsi! 


In my research, I attend to the history of the modern Middle East, with a focus on Iran, beginning in the 18th century to the present. My work is broadly defined  at the intersections of modern Islam, post-constitution state formations, and the governance of peripheral subjects and sites. I am currently working on a book project tentatively titled "Red-Light Tehran" which explores the history of the red-light district of Tehran in the twentieth century. 


I teach courses on Islam and Gender, Islamic feminisms, history of the modern Islamic State, and global history of prostitution. 


Interested in working with students with a research focus on Islam and modernity, political theology, women's history in the global South, legal history, gender and feminism, and modern state formations. 


HIST 121 - Topics in Global History

Winter Term 2021
HIST 449 - Advanced Topics in Middle East History

Prerequisite: *3 in HIST at the 300-level or consent of Department.

Winter Term 2021
HIST 649 - Topics in Middle East History

Winter Term 2021
RELIG 102 - Introduction to Western Religious Traditions

An introduction to the major religious traditions originating in West Asia, including, but not limited to, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Note: not open to students with credit in RELIG 101.

Fall Term 2020
RELIG 220 - Introduction to Islam

A survey of the main elements of the Muslim tradition and their role in the formation of Islamic culture.

Winter Term 2022
RELIG 270 - Contemporary Issues in Religion

May be repeated for credit when course content differs.

Fall Term 2020

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