Gillian Stevens, PhD, MA, BA Honours

Professor, Faculty of Arts - Sociology Dept


Professor, Faculty of Arts - Sociology Dept



I earned my BA and MA degrees at Carleton University in Ottawa and my PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Having grown up in a bilingual neighbourhood, I was interested early on in the structuring of language use and language acquisition within and between language groups.  Much of my research concerns the social and demographic processes that affect how people in multilingual families, neighbourhoods, and societies adapt to the constraints and opportunities in multilingual contexts. 


I am currently investigating predictors of successful acquisition of a second language among Asian immigrants in North America.  In addition, I am also uncovering the political, social and demographic processes that encourage immigrants in North America to marry native-born Americans and Canadians.


SOC 315 - Introduction to Social Methodology

Research design, data collection, and data processing strategies used by sociologists. Topics include research values and ethics, reliability and validity, experimentation, survey research techniques, historical methods, field research, and content analysis. Prerequisite: SOC 210 or consent of instructor.

SOC 402 - Topics in Sociology

Prerequisite: SOC 100 or consent of the instructor. Note: Consult the Department for any additional prerequisites. Course may be taken more than once if topic(s) vary.

SOC 503 - Conference Course in Sociology for Graduate Students

SOC 504 - Conference Course in Sociology for Graduate Students

SOC 515 - Quantitative Methods in Social Research

Prerequisites: SOC 210 and 315 or equivalent. Note: Not to be taken by students with credit in SOC 412 or 417. Not available for credit for students with credit in R SOC 415.

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