Gareth Corry, PhD

Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network


Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network
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I received my BSc in Molecular Genetics and my PhD in Medical Genetics from the University of Alberta. Following my PhD, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Regenerative Biology at the University of Connecticut and later did postdoctoral work in the department of Experimental Oncology at the University of Alberta. I subsequently moved to the UofA department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine as a Research Assistant, following which, I joined the Research Services Office as a Contracts Specialist on the Institutional Projects Team. I am currently a Research Partner for the College of Health Sciences, supporting researchers in the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (basic science departments). In addition, I am the campus-wide contact for CIHR programs.


My PhD work focused on the PAX3 transcription factor. I studied PAX3 DNA binding mechanisms and subnuclear localization and analyzed the effects of disease-causing mutations on these actions. My postdoctoral fellowship focused on induced pluripotent stem cells and epigenetic regulation of cell fate in the early embryo. In the department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, I helped carry out clinical research projects designed to improve pain management, particularly regional anesthesia techniques.