Gerhard Ens, PhD University of Alberta

Professor, Faculty of Arts - History & Classics Dept


Professor, Faculty of Arts - History & Classics Dept
(780) 492-6383
2.14 Tory (H.M.) Building
11211 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H4


Research Interests:
  • Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Metis Society and Politics
  • The Fur Trade
  • The Missionary West - Oblates/Church Missionary Society
  • Ethnic Settlement

I am currently working on a multi-volume scholarly edition of the Edmonton House fur-trade journals. The first two volumes (1806-21; 1821-26) have been published.


My Teaching interests include:

  • Canadian History
  • The Canadian and American Wests
  • Environmental History
  • Native History
  • Fur Trade History

My Fields of Graduate Supervision include:

  • Western Canada
  • Metis and Indigenous History
  • Fur Trade and Western Missions



Hudson's Bay Company – Edmonton House Journals, Reports from the Saskatchewan District Including the Bow River Expedition, 1821-1826
Author(s): Gerhard J. Ens, Ted Binnema (eds.)
Publication Date: 2016
Page Numbers: 560
External Link:
From New Peoples to New Nations: Aspects of Metis History and Identity from the Eighteenth to Twenty-first Centuries
Author(s): Gerhard J. Ens, Joe Sawchuk
Publication Date: 2015
Page Numbers: 699
External Link:
Edmonton House Journals and District Reports, 1806-1821
Author(s): Gerhard J. Ens and Ted Binnema
Publication Date: 2012
Page Numbers: 536
External Link:
A Son of the Fur Trade: The Memoirs of Johnny Grant
Author(s): Gerhard J. Ens (editor)
Publication Date: 2008
Page Numbers: 459
External Link:
From Rupert’s Land to Canada: Essays in Honour of John E. Foster
Author(s): Gerhard J. Ens, Theodore Binnema, R.C. Macleod (editors)
Publication Date: 2001
Page Numbers: 321
External Link:
Homeland to Hinterland: The Changing Worlds of the Red River Metis in the nineteenth century
Author(s): Gerhard J. Ens
Publication Date: 1996
Page Numbers: 284
External Link: