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Harm Reduction Addiction Homelessness Homeless Vulnerable Populations Public Health


Monty Ghosh is an Internist, Disaster Medicine, and Addiction Specialist who works at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton as an Internist as well as the Foothills and Rockyview Hospitals doing Addiction Medicine in Calgary.  He works with multiple community based not for profit organizations to provide support for marginalized populations such as those experiencing homelessness, substance use, mental health concerns, as well as those who are in corrections. He does community internal medicine at both The Alex Community Health Centre, and The Calgary Drop-In Centre, a shelter for those experiencing homelessness. He also helps foster and create unique programs to support these populations.

He has addiction certification through the International Society of Addiction Medicine, and a Masters Public Health from Harvard University.  He is an assistant professor at both The University of Alberta and the University of Calgary, and is heavily involved with provincial policy building in Alberta, as well as with research and is the nominated principal recipient of grants from  Health Canada, Alberta Innovates, Alberta Health, and the Canadian Institute of Health Research. He is the current president of the Section of Addiction Medicine of the Alberta  Medical Association.  He also co-chairs the Canadian Network of Health and Housing of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness, and a board member of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine. 

He currently also is the co-medical lead of Alberta Health Services' Rapid Access Addiction Medicine program in Calgary, specializing in providing support those individuals who use substances such as alcohol, opioids, methamphetamines, and cannabis, as well as behavioural addictions such as gambling, sex, and video-gaming. 

Lastly, he is a member of the University of Alberta's Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute, and the University of Calgary's Hotchkiss Brain Institute and the O'Brien Institute of Public Health.


My research focus is primarily on drug surveillance, virtual harm reduction, and clinical/medical management of substance use concerns.  Additional areas of focus include examining the intersection between health, housing, and homelessness, and improving equity amongst equity deserving populations. 


My teaching focuses on substance use and vulnerable populations including but not limited to:

Harm Reduction

Substance Use Management, Treatment and Recovery, including Alcohol, Cannabis, Opioids, and Methamphetamines amongst others

Individuals experiencing homelessness

Individuals exiting corrections

Linkage to care

Innovative programming for health and homelessness

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