Geetha Menon


Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Oncology Dept
(780) 432-8619


ONCOL 552 - Fundamentals of Applied Dosimetry

Theory and practical techniques of external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy. Topics include single and multiple external beams, scatter analysis, inhomogeneity corrections, intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), dose calculation algorithms, fundamentals of brachytherapy, and brachytherapy dosimetry systems. Prerequisite: ONCOL 550.

ONCOL 554 - Laboratory in Medical Radiation Physics

Practical aspects of medical physics as applied to radiation therapy. Exposure to the operation of various therapy machines and dose measuring equipment. Application of techniques to measure physical parameters of radiation beams. Introduction to radiation treatment planning with techniques for specific tumor sites. Prerequisite: ONCOL 550. Corequisite: ONCOL 552.

ONCOL 556 - Laboratory in Imaging

Practical experience with medical physics applied to diagnostic imaging. Operation of radiographic imaging systems and their evaluation with various test equipment and dosimetry systems. Introduction to the operation and evaluation of some advanced imaging modalities. Prerequisites: ONCOL 550 and 562. Corequisites: ONCOL 568 and 564.

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