Hao Zhang, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Materials Engineering Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Materials Engineering Dept
(780) 492-8340
12-245 Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering
9211-116 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5



Before joining the University of Alberta in September 2007, Dr. Zhang was a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University. He received B.E. and M.S. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University and PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.


Our general area of research is computational and theoretical materials science with focus on understanding the static and dynamic properties of defects and relating the defects properties to thermodynamic, kinetic, chemical, and mechanical properties of materials. In particular, we have been focusing on identifying the string-like cooperative motion in different strongly interacting particle systems, revealing the fundamental atomistic mechanisms for elastic and plastic deformation in metallic glasses, developing crack growth rate model in pipeline steel due to the effect of hydrogen embrittlement, investigating mechanical response in nanostructured materials, and designing high capacity hydrotalcite for CO2 capture. 

Keywords: Modelling, Molecular dynamics, Grain boundaries, Nanoparticles, Metallic glasses


MAT E 202 - Materials Science II

An introduction to the science of materials relating their mechanical, thermal, electronic, and chemical properties to atomic, molecular, and crystal structure. Ceramic and metallic crystals, glasses, polymers, and composite materials. Multi-phase materials, phase transformations, and strengthening processes. Laboratories include mechanical properties of materials, microstructure, heat treatment of steel, and hands on design experiments. Prerequisite: CHEM 105 or consent of Department.

Fall Term 2020
MAT E 640 - Advanced Materials Thermodynamics

Advanced topics in core fundamentals of materials thermodynamics. Thermodynamic laws, statistical thermodynamics, reaction equilibria, phase diagrams, solutions, changing standard states, electrochemistry, and thermodynamics of surfaces. Prerequisite: MAT E 204 or 301, or consent of Instructor.

Fall Term 2020

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