Hazel Campbell

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


CMPUT 175 - Introduction to the Foundations of Computation II

A continuation of CMPUT 174, revisiting topics of greater depth and complexity. More sophisticated notions such as objects, functional programming, and Abstract Data Types are explored. Various algorithms, including popular searching and sorting algorithms, are studied and compared in terms of time and space efficiency. Upon completion of this two course sequence, students from any discipline should be able to build programs to solve basic problems in their area, and will be prepared to take more advanced Computing Science courses. Prerequisite: CMPUT 174 or SCI 100. Credit cannot be obtained for CMPUT 175 if one already has credit for CMPUT 275, except with permission of the Department.

CMPUT 229 - Computer Organization and Architecture I

Number representation, computer architecture and organization, instruction-set architecture, assembly-level programming, procedures, stack frames, memory access through pointers, exception handling, computer arithmetic, floating-point representation, datapath, control logic, pipelining, memory hierarchy, virtual memory. Prerequisite: CMPUT 175 or 274. Corequisite: one of CMPUT 201 or 275. Credit may be obtained in only one of CMPUT 229, E E 380 or ECE 212.

CMPUT 402 - Software Quality

Software quality issues are covered. Various types of software testing, ranging from unit testing to integration testing are discussed. Processes to ensure quality, such as reviews and continuous integration, are introduced. State-of-the-art software quality tools that analyze different artifacts within the software lifecycle are described. Prerequisite: CMPUT 301.

CMPUT 404 - Web Applications and Architecture

Introduction to modern web architecture, from user-facing applications to machine-facing web-services. Topics include: the evolution of the Internet, relevant technologies and protocols, the architecture of modern web-based information systems, web data exchange and serialization, and service-oriented middleware. Prerequisites: CMPUT 301 and 291, or consent of the instructor.

CMPUT 501 - Topics in Computing Science

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