Herb Yang, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science




  • B.Sc. (First Class Honours), Physics, University of Hong Kong
  • M.Sc., Physics, Simon Fraser University
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh


Dr. Yang is a senior member of the IEEE and serves as Associate Editor for the journal Pattern Recognition. He has published over 80 technical papers in international journals and conference proceedings. In addition, he has served as referee to numerous international journals and conferences. He was co-chair of Vision Interface 98.



Computer Graphics
Computer Vision and Multimedia Communications


Dr. Yang's research interest covers various areas in computer graphics and computer vision. Topics include 2D and 3D shape analysis, edge detection, segmentation, motion analysis, ultrasound image processing, colour image processing, physics-based modelling and animation, rendering of realistic imagery, and image-based rendering. 


CMPUT 300 - Computers and Society

Social, ethical, professional, economic, and legal issues in the development and deployment of computer technology in society. Prerequisites: Any introductory-level Computing Science course or SCI 100, and any 200-level course.

CMPUT 411 - Introduction to Computer Graphics

2D and 3D transformation; 3D modeling and viewing; illumination models and shading methods; texture mapping; ray tracing. Prerequisites: CMPUT 204 or 275, 301; one of CMPUT 340, 418 or equivalent knowledge, and MATH 214.

CMPUT 511 - Topics In Computer Science

CMPUT 610 - Topics in Computer Graphics

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