Hassan Safouhi, Ph. D., Université de Blaise Pascal, France

Professor and Vice Dean Academic & Operation, Campus Saint-Jean - Deans Office

Pronoms: he, him, his


Professor and Vice Dean Academic & Operation, Campus Saint-Jean - Deans Office
(780) 485-8631
3-27 CSJ Pavillon McMahon
8406 Marie-Anne-Gaboury St (91 St)
Edmonton AB
T6C 4G9


À propos de moi


  • Ph.D. in applied mathematics, Université de Blaise Pascal, France: 1999
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics, Université de Caen, France: 1996
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics, Université Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco: 1994
  • Analyst Programmer Diploma, École Française de l’Enseignement Technique: 1994

Past Work Experience 

  • Associate Dean Research & Graduate Studies, Campus Saint-Jean 
  • Founder and Director of Research-Apprentice Program at Campus Saint-Jean
  • Director - Western Provinces & Territories, the Canadian Mathematical Society
  • Member of the Board of Directors, The Canadian Mathematical Society
  • Peer Consultant in Teaching, University Teaching Services
  • Vice President of Association Francophone pour le Savoir, ACFAS Alberta 
  • Scientific Director & Principal Organizer of the International Conference 
  • Member of the NSERC Mathematics Scholarships and Fellowships Selection Committee 
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics, Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta 
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta 
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Quebec at Montreal 

Research Interests

  • Asymptotics and Collocation Methods
  • Extrapolation methods
  • Numerical Integration
  • Mathematical Modeling and optimization
  • Molecular Electronic Structure Calculations
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


  • Editor – Advances in Numerical Analysis

Honours and Awards

  • Graduate Student Supervisor Award
  • Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
  • Best Paper Award in Computing, Education and Research, The American Society of Civil Engineering
  • McCalla Research Professorship, University of Alberta
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching, Campus Saint-Jean
  • Award for Excellence in Research, Campus Saint-Jean

Activités savantes

Research - Research Statement

More Information


A Numerical Treatment of Energy Eigenvalues of Harmonic Oscillators Perturbed by a Rational Function

Auteur(s): Philippe Gaudreau, Hassan Safouhi
Publication: arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.03613
Lien externe: https://arxiv.org/abs/1610.03613

Centrosymmetric Matrices in the Sinc Collocation Method for Sturm-Liouville Problems

Auteur(s): Philippe Gaudreau, Hassan Safouhi
Publication: EPJ Web of Conferences
Volume: 108
Numéros de page: 01004
Lien externe: http://www.epj-conferences.org/articles/epjconf/abs/2016/03/epjconf_mmcp2016_01004/epjconf_mmcp2016_01004.html

Computing Energy Eigenvalues of Anharmonic Oscillators using the Double Exponential Sinc collocation Method

Auteur(s): Philippe J. Gaudreau, Richard M. Slevinsky, Hassan Safouhi
Publication: Annals of Physics
Volume: 360
Numéros de page: 520-538
Lien externe: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0003491615002195

The double exponential sinc collocation method for singular Sturm-Liouville problems

Auteur(s): Philippe Gaudreau, Richard Slevinsky, Hassan Safouhi
Publication: Journal of Mathematical Physics
Volume: 57
Parution: 4
Numéros de page: 043505
Lien externe: http://aip.scitation.org/doi/full/10.1063/1.4947059