Ildar Akhmetov

Science Instructor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Science Instructor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


CMPUT 201 - Practical Programming Methodology

Introduction to the principles, methods, tools, and practices of the professional programmer. The lectures focus on the fundamental principles of software engineering based on abstract data types and their implementations. The laboratories offer an intensive apprenticeship to the aspiring software developer. Students use C and C++ and software development tools of the Unix environment. Prerequisite: CMPUT 175.Credit cannot be obtained for CMPUT 201 if credit has been obtained for CMPUT 275, except with permission of the Department

Winter Term 2021
CMPUT 401 - Software Process and Product Management

All phases of software development are reviewed from a process perspective. Best practices in software project and product development and management are introduced. Architectural and technological impacts on management. Group projects require specification and initial design or redesign of a software system. Prerequisite: CMPUT 301.

Fall Term 2020 Winter Term 2021

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