Ildar Akhmetov

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


ATS Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Science - Computing Science
3-39 Athabasca Hall
9119 - 116 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E8



CMPUT 291 - Introduction to File and Database Management

Basic concepts in computer data organization and information processing; entity-relationship model; relational model; SQL and other relational query languages; storage architecture; physical organization of data; access methods for relational data. Programming experience (e.g., Python) is required for the course project. Prerequisites: CMPUT 175 or 274, and 272. Corequisite: one of CMPUT 201 or 275.

CMPUT 301 - Introduction to Software Engineering

Object-oriented design and analysis, with interactive applications as the primary example. Topics include: software process; revision control; Unified Modeling Language (UML); requirements; software architecture, design patterns, frameworks, design guidelines; unit testing; refactoring; software tools. Prerequisite: CMPUT 201 or 275. This course may not be taken for credit if credit has been obtained in MIS 419 or BTM 419.

CMPUT 401 - Software Process and Product Management

All phases of software development are reviewed from a process perspective. Best practices in software project and product development and management are introduced. Architectural and technological impacts on management. Group projects require specification and initial design or redesign of a software system. Prerequisite: CMPUT 301.

CMPUT 701 - Essay in Computing Science I

A major essay on an agreed topic.

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