Sylvia Ijeoma Madueke, MA (University of Regina), PhD (University of Alberta)

Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network

Pronouns: she, her


Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network


Area of Study / Keywords

Nigerian literature Minority and Diversity in Literary Publishing and Translation Anglophone and Francophone African women and translation


I received an M.A in French (2013) from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, and a PhD in French Language and Literatures (2019) from the University of Alberta. My master’s dissertation was nominated for the Governor General’s award, while my PhD research was awarded the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship, and the University of Alberta President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction. At the University of Alberta, I have taught more than 46 courses, ranging from language classes (beginning, intermediate, advanced) to Directed Reading as well as senior-level content courses in Francophone literature and culture, translation studies, and French literature. Some of my research and grant-support experiences include working for the SSHRC Grant Assist program, and the Community Engaged Scholarship Workgroup at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. I am currently the Research Partner supporting faculty members in Business, Law, and  MLCS. I am also the key contact for SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (PEG).

Je donne du soutien aux chercheurs qui travaillent en français au sein de l'université. Je  apporte le soutien nécessaire à l'élaboration de demandes pour les chercheurs qui font des demandes de financement en français. Je fournis ce soutien à tous nos chercheurs francophones pour l'ensemble de l'institution. Si vous avez des questions et/ou vous envisagez de faire une demande de financement et d'élaborer une demande en français, n'hésitez pas à me contacter et je vous accompagnerai dans le processus.


My research explores the so-called "minority" within the domains of literary publishing and translation, and how institutional factors and power-play shape this domain of human production. My areas of interest include Anglophone and Francophone Africa, Canada and France.  I have published articles in reputable peer reviewed journals such as Translation, Terminology, Redaction (TTR), TransCultural, and in Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (CRCL). With emphasis on its interdisciplinary and multilingual scope, my PhD research examined the cultural, political, and linguistic factors that impact the selection, translation and publication of African literature into French. One of the products of my PhD research is a database of Nigerian literature in French translation (NILIFT), providing  detailed bibliographical information on Nigerian literary texts translated and published in France. 


Selected Courses Taught:

FREN 254 - Introduction to Translation Theory and Practice: French-English-French

AUFRE 337 - Selected Topics in French Literature: Introduction to Francophone Culture Through Literature and Film

FREN 319 - Beauty, Passions, and Obsessions

AUFRE 301 - Advanced French I

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