Ian Mann, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics Admin


Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics Admin
(780) 492-6882
3-213 Centennial Ctr For Interdisciplinary SCS II
11335 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5



BSc. Hons. (1991) Physics with Astrophysics, University of Birmingham, UK.
PhD (1995) Applied Mathematics, University of St. Andrews, UK.
Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice (1999), University of York, UK.
Canada Research Chair in Space Physics (2003 - ).
Canada's Top-40-Under-40 (2009).


Experimental and theoretical research in space physics. My CARSIMA group are experts in magnetometry operating one of the foremost ground-based arrays in the world. Research partnerships with Canadian Space Agency and NASA satellite missions. Public outreach AuroraWatch real time aurora alert forecast service.



PHYS 130 - Wave Motion, Optics, and Sound

Geometrical optics, optical instruments, oscillations, waves, sound, interference, diffraction. Prerequisites: Mathematics 30-1, Mathematics 31, Physics 30. Corequisite: MATH 100 or 113 or 114 or 117 or 134 or 144 or equivalent. Restricted to Engineering students. Other students who take this course will receive *3.0.

Fall Term 2020
PHYS 481 - Electromagnetic Theory II

Electromotive force; Faraday's law; inductance; Maxwell's equations in free space and in matter; electromagnetic potentials; gauges; energy and momentum conservation laws; plane waves in vacuum, in nonconducting and in conducting media; reflection and refraction of electromagnetic waves; dispersion, wave guides; dipole radiation; radiation due to moving charge; radiation reaction. Prerequisite: PHYS 381, MATH 337 or ECE 341 or equivalent.

Fall Term 2020

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