Indre Cuplinskas

Associate Professor, St Joseph's College


Associate Professor, St Joseph's College
St. Joseph's College
114 St - 89 Ave
Edmonton AB
T6G 2J5


CHRTC 250 - The Theological Education of the Catholic Teacher

The components that make up the education of the Catholic teacher. Issues include credal statements, the moral and social teachings of the Church, liturgical practices, a general theology and theory of Catholic education.

CHRTC 347 - World War II and Christians

An investigation of Christian responses to World War II through the actions, experiences and thoughts of individuals and churches.

CHRTC 349 - Social Justice and Christianity

An examination of particular social justice issues related to the economy, gender, Indigenous peoples, the environment, etc., in light of Catholic social teachings and other Christian perspectives; social action strategies, and education for social justice.

HIST 272 - Religion in History

A study of a religious tradition(s), its teachings and rituals, along with its function in a specific historical setting, including its role in conditioning and reflecting a particular society and culture.

HIST 421 - Topics in the History of Europe

Prerequisite: *3 in HIST at the 300-level or consent of Department.

HIST 621 - Topics in the History of Europe

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