Jean O'Hara

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts - Drama Dept


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts - Drama Dept


DRAMA 259 - Performer-Created Theatre

Practice in and theory of the collaborative development of dramatic performance using improvisation and other techniques. Prerequisites: DRAMA 102 or 103, and 149 or 150 or consent of Department. Note: Priority given to BA Drama Majors, BA (Honors) Drama students, and BEd (Secondary) Drama Majors. Not to be taken by students with credit in DRAMA 249 or 359.

DRAMA 327 - Community-Based Theatre

A study of the theory, practice and development of popular, community and collective theatre. Recommended for students who intend to enroll in DRAMA 427.

DRAMA 505 - Advanced Topics in Theatre Studies

Prerequisite: consent of Department. Variable content course, which may be repeated if topic(s) vary.

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