Jerine Pegg, PhD, MAT, BS

Professor of Science Education, Co-director Centre for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (CMASTE), Faculty of Education

Pronouns: she/her;


Professor of Science Education, Co-director Centre for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (CMASTE), Faculty of Education


Area of Study / Keywords

science education teacher professional learning faculty mentoring partnership development


Dr. Jerine Pegg is a Professor of Science Education and the Co-director of the Centre of Mathematics, Science, & Technology Education. She has also served as the Department Chair and Associate Chair (Undergraduate) in the Department of Elementary Education. In addition, she regularly serves on senior level university governance committees and is currently a member of General Faculties Council (GFC) and General Faculties Council - Executive (GFC-Exec).

Dr. Pegg's scholarship focuses on the areas of science education, teacher professional learning, and faculty mentoring. Her current research explores various aspects of interdisciplinarity and partnership development through the lenses of social network theory, boundary interactions, and communities of practice.

Dr. Pegg has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in a range of delivery formats. In 2016, she received the Faculty of Education, Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Use of Technology for Teaching and Learning. She recently published an article with colleagues titled: Being and becoming online teachers: A collaborative autobiographical narrative inquiry. 

Dr. Pegg has also actively engaged in service to the broader community. She served as a member of the Alberta Education Science Curriculum Working Group from 2016 - 2018 and in 2019, she received the Distinguished Service Citation from the Alberta Teachers’ Association Science Council. Her work has also involved collaborative projects with international education ministries and not-for-profit organizations, including recent work in Oman and Rwanda.

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