Jing Liu, PhD, PEng

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Materials Engineering Dept

Pronouns: she/her


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Materials Engineering Dept
(780) 492-8754
12-289 Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering
9211-116 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5


Area of Study / Keywords

Electrochemistry; Hydrometallurgy; Aqueous Corrosion Oxidation and Hot Corrosion


Professionally, I’m an innovative Assistant Professor bringing proven success in implementing technology-based curriculum delivery and assessment tools. I am passionate about fostering academic development and success for every student.


  • Repurposing the current oil and gas infrastructure for a carbon-neutral society; 
  • High-temperature and High-pressure aqueous electrochemistry and hydrometallurgy;
  • High entropy materials for corrosion and electrochemical applications;
  • Corrosion and materials degradation in general


  • MAT E 202 - Materials Science II
  • MAT E 345 - Corrosion, Oxidation, and Degradation
  • MAT E 645 - Electrochemical Processes


CH E 485 - Fuel Cells and Their Applications

Introduction to principles of operation of fuel cells and their applications; historical and environmental perspectives; elementary electrochemistry, types of fuel cell - fuels, membranes and liquid ion conductors, operating conditions; factors affecting performance; applications as standing engines and mobile power sources. Limited to 3rd/4th year undergraduate students in engineering. Prerequisites: CH E 343, MAT E 202 or equivalent and MATH 201 or consent of Instructor.

CH E 694 - Advanced Topics in Chemical Engineering

An advanced treatment of selected chemical engineering topics of current interest to staff and students.

MAT E 345 - Corrosion, Oxidation, and Degradation

The environments materials experience in service. Theory of corrosion. The eight forms of corrosion. Corrosion measurements, protection, coatings, materials selection, and designing for corrosion. High temperature oxidation and its control. Degradation of non-metallic materials. Prerequisites: MAT E 201 or 202, and MAT E 341.

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