Jennifer Jay, PhD

Professor, ART History, Classics, & Religion


Professor, ART History, Classics, & Religion
(780) 492-3011
2-73 Tory (H.M.) Building
11211 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H4



Ongoing projects

Let Them Have the First and Last Words: The Social History of Eunuchs in China.

History and Drama in Traditional China 

The Myth and Reality of Collecting Human Bones and Repatriating Them to China: Another Part of Chinese Canadian History and Philanthropy, 1860-1949.


cultural, intellectual, and political history of Tang, Song, Yuan, modern China

literature of Tang, Song, Yuan, and contemporary China

history and literature of the Chinese in Canada

drama and film studies: China and Taiwan

history of women in China

history of the Chinese philosophy

history of drama in pre-modern China

Chinese Canadian literature


HIST 383 - The Civilization and Culture of Early China

This course focuses on the formative periods of Chinese civilization from prehistory to circa 600.

Fall Term 2021
HIST 390 - Imperial China from circa 600 to 1911

The institutional and social history of imperial China from the Tang to the Manchu Ch'ing dynasties.

Winter Term 2022

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