Jodi Harding-Kuriger

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education


EDEL 321 - Introduction to Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary School Physical Education

This course is designed to prepare students to teach Physical Education effectively in an elementary school setting. The goals to this end integrate understanding of child development, physical education, health, curriculum and pedagogy and making curricula links. Prerequisite: EDU 100 or Pre/Corequisite: EDU 300. Note: Not open to first year students.

EDEL 595 - Special Seminar in Elementary Education: Selected Topics

Sections may be offered at an increased rate of fee assessment; refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations sections of the Calendar.

EDSE 447 - Curriculum and Teaching for Secondary School Physical Education Majors II

Prerequisites: Introductory Professional Term and *24 in the Major subject area to include KIN 294 or PAC 101. Successful completion is expected prior to being granted permission to commence EDFX 450.

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