Jana Rieger, PhD, MSc, BSc

Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Rehabilitation Medicine


Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Rehabilitation Medicine
(780) 492-4992
2-70 Corbett (E.A.) Hall
8205 - 114 St NW
Edmonton AB
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Area of Study / Keywords

Dysphagia Digital Mobile Health Head and Neck Cancer



PhD - Rehabilitation Science - University of Alberta

MSc - Speech and Hearing Sciences - University of Arizona

BSc - Speech Pathology and Audiology - University of Arizona

Background Information

Since 1999, Dr. Rieger’s research has focused on understanding functional outcomes, including speech, swallowing, chewing and quality of life in patients with defects of the head and neck secondary to cancer and trauma. From 2004 – 2011, she was funded by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research as a Population Health Clinician Researcher. During that time, she held a joint appointment between the University of Alberta and the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) as a clinician scientist. Funded by the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Dr. Rieger expanded her research focus to explore the use of mobile technology to improve rehabilitative services to patients with head and neck cancer. In her role as Director of Research at iRSM, she is facilitating the continued development of research teams in the areas of: advanced technologies for surgical intervention; regenerative medicine in head and neck; outcomes and analytics; and implantable hearing solutions. In 2018, Dr. Rieger created a spin-off company called True Angle to pursue her dream for commercializing technology that will help people with swallowing impairments live better lives through a remote digital solution for adherence to swallowing exercises.


Current Research 

Dr. Jana Rieger was one of four successful researchers to receive funding from the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Transformative Program competition in April 2014. Dr. Rieger and her team received $2.2 M over seven years to support research related to developing technological interfaces for dysphagia rehabilitation in patients with head and neck cancer. Clinical trials to test the remote digital system - the Mobili-T - are ongoing.


Dr. Rieger is currently supervising graduate and post-graduate students interested in swallowing rehabilitation, primarily in the area of head and neck cancer. Her current research focus is on technological interfaces for functional rehabilitation. She is interested in discussing mentorship with students who are looking to further their studies at the graduate level in this area.

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