John Pattison-Williams, PhD, MSc, BSc, PAg

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AUENV 324 - Resource and Environmental Management

Integration of both physical and human phenomena in understanding natural resources, their dimensions and boundaries. Basic concepts in resource analysis and management: the decision-making process, management frameworks and strategies, legislation and regulation, impact assessment, the role of perceptions, attitudes and behaviour, and the impact of public participation/interest groups in the development of natural resources. Prerequisite: One of AUBIO 253, AUENV 120, AUGEO 120 (2021), 230, 231, consent of the instructor. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUENV 324 and AUGEO 324 (2021). Requires payment of additional student instructional support fees. Refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

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Featured Publications

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