James Wright, PhD

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


CMPUT 366 - Intelligent Systems

Introduction to artificial intelligence focusing on techniques for building intelligent software systems and agents. Topics include search and problem-solving techniques, knowledge representation and reasoning, reasoning and acting under uncertainty, and machine learning (including neural networks). Recent applications such as planning and scheduling, diagnosis, decision support systems, and data mining. Prerequisites: CMPUT 204 or 275; one of STAT 141, 151, 235 or 265 or SCI 151.

Winter Term 2022
CMPUT 455 - Search, Knowledge and Simulation

When making decisions in games, computers rely on three main ideas: search, knowledge and simulations. Knowledge can be created by machine learning techniques and encoded in deep neural networks. Search and simulations help to understand the short and long-term consequences of possible actions. This course leads from basic concepts to state-of-the-art decision-making algorithms. Prerequisite: any 300-level Computing Science course.

Fall Term 2021
CMPUT 654 - Topics in Computing Science

Winter Term 2022

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