Kelly Gibbs

Asst Lect, Faculty of Education - Secondary Education Dept


Asst Lect, Faculty of Education - Secondary Education Dept


EDSE 307 - Language, Literacy and Society in Educational Contexts

Prerequisites: *9 in the Major subject area, EDPY 304, EDU 100/300, 210, and 211. Corequisite: Courses in the Introductory Professional Term (IPT) for the Secondary Education Route. Successful completion of the on-campus portion of the IPT is expected prior to being granted permission to continue into EDFX 350. EDSE 307 is designed to prepare teachers to develop English language and literacy abilities in learners in grades 7 through 12, particularly diverse and minority learners. Note: Not open to first year students.

EDU 100 - Contexts of Education

This course focuses on the different contexts of professional practice within education. It critically examines the complex social relationships among educators as professionals and learners as participants in educational institutions. Teacher identity will be explored as a dynamic, reformative process in response to competing tensions that require an awareness of the positionality of educators. Preservice teachers will learn about the relationships between education and practice that are nested in social relations of learning that are also economic, political, and cultural. Engagement from a variety of perspectives they will develop professional knowledge for critical reconstructive practice. This course may not be taken for credit if credit has already been obtained in EDU 250, 300 or equivalent. [Department of Elementary Education, Department of Secondary Education]

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