Eran Kaplinsky, SJD (University of Toronto), LLM (University of Toronto), LLB (Tel Aviv University)

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Professor, Faculty of Law - Admin
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Professor Eran Kaplinsky teaches in the areas of property law and planning law. He holds a Bachelor of Laws from Tel Aviv University, a Master of Laws from the University of Toronto, and a Doctor of Juridical Science from the University of Toronto.

Professor Kaplinsky was previously a Visiting Scholar & Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto, an instructor at the Ryerson University School of Urban and Regional Planning, and a Visiting Professor at the Université de Sherbrooke. He was also an attorney in Tel Aviv in the areas of municipal law, medical malpractice, and commercial litigation.

Professor Kaplinsky serves as Research Director of the University's Alberta Land Institute.


  • Land Use Planning and regulation
  • Municipal Law
  • Expropriation
  • Property Law
  • Law and Economics


LAW 486 - Jurisprudence

An examination of law from a theoretical rather than a doctrinal perspective. Every year, the course will consist of a number of seminar offerings whose focus will be on a broader theoretical examination of law, legal processes, and institutions. Each of these courses will allow a critical examination of law from a variety of perspectives such as; legal theory, literature, politics, economics, social and cultural development, and religion.

LAW 651 - Municipal and Planning Law

This course explores the legal framework governing land use policy and regulation in Canada, with particular emphasis on Alberta. We begin with some controversial questions: When should development be regulated, and when is it best left to the market? What powers should local governments have, and what role should they play in land use planning? We proceed to study the development approval process, including the rights of neighbours to challenge undesirable development, and the institutions and processes for resolving land use disputes. We analyze a range of public and private regulatory tools (including Alberta's land use framework, statutory plans, zoning by-laws, subdivision controls, and restrictive covenants and homeowner associations), focusing on their relative efficacy and fairness. Planning theory and economic analysis will be applied to contemporary debates over such problems as sprawl and smart growth, and affordable housing.

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