Adam Kashlak, PhD

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Mathematics & Statistical Sciences


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Mathematics & Statistical Sciences



PhD, University of Cambridge (2017)
MSc, Johns Hopkins University (2011)
BSc, McGill University (2008)


Nonasymptotic Statistics, High Dimensional & Functional Data, Concentration Inequalities, Stochastic processes, Nonparametric Statistics, Mathematical Statistics


Stat 378/502: Applied Regression Analysis

Stat 568: Design and Analysis of Experiments


STAT 479 - Time Series Analysis

Stationary series, spectral analysis, models in time series: autoregressive, moving average, ARMA and ARIMA. Smoothing series, computational techniques and computer packages for time series. Prerequisites: STAT 372 and 378. Note: This course may only be offered in alternate years.

Winter Term 2022
STAT 497 - Reading in Statistics

This course is designed to give credit to mature and able students for reading in areas not covered by courses, under the supervision of a staff member. A student, or group of students, wishing to use this course should find a staff member willing to supervise the proposed reading program. A detailed description of the material to be covered should be submitted to the Chair of the Department Honors Committee. (This should include a description of testing methods to be used.) The program will require the approval of both the Honors Committee, and the Chair of the Department. The students' mastery of the material of the course will be tested by a written or oral examination. This course may be taken in Fall or Winter and may be taken any number of times, subject always to the approval mentioned above. Prerequisite: Any 300-level STAT course.

Fall Term 2021
STAT 571 - Probability and Measure

Measure and integration, Laws of Large Numbers, convergence of probability measures. Conditional expectation as time permits. Prerequisites: STAT 471 and STAT 512 or their equivalents.

Winter Term 2022

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