Ana Klahr

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Social Sciences


ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Social Sciences


AUPSY 103 - Introduction to Psychology

The course focuses on the basic principles underlying human behaviour. Topics include the central nervous system, cognition, development, social, and personality, and mental health. AUPSY 103 is classified as a science course. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUPSY 103 and either of AUPSY 101 (2016) or AUPSY 102 (2016).

Fall Term 2020 Winter Term 2021
AUPSY 256 - Developmental Psychology

Biological, cognitive, and social aspects of psychological development, with special emphasis on infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Prerequisite: AUPSY 102 (2016) or 103.

Winter Term 2021
AUPSY 263 - Memory and Cognition

Introduction to the study of mental processes in memory and cognition. Topics include short- and long-term memory phenomenon, visual attention, consciousness, problem solving and decision making. Prerequisite: AUPSY 101 (2016) or 103.

Fall Term 2020
AUPSY 305 - Selected Topics in Psychology

Content of each course in this series varies from year to year, but in general it entails either a specific topic of prominent interest in psychology, or a review and discussion of a novel or emerging research area in contemporary psychology. Prerequisite: AUPSY 101 (2016) or AUPSY 103, previous course(s) in Psychology as determined by instructor. Note: AUPSY 305 is classified as a science course.

Winter Term 2021
AUPSY 441 - Emotion

A survey of theory and research on affect and emotion science. Topics covered may include the history of emotion research, measurement and classification of specific emotions, neurobiology of emotions, cognitive and cultural influences, consequences of emotions/moods, and disorders of emotion. Prerequisite: AUPSY 240 or 275; third year standing.

Fall Term 2020