Kimberly Noels

Professor, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept


Professor, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept
(780) 492-4717
P-319L Bio Science - Psychology Wing
11355 - Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E9



My research interests rest at the intersection of cultural and social psychology, applied and sociolinguistics, and communication science, particularly as these disciplines pertain to intercultural relations and communication. My current research program involves two broad lines of inquiry. The first concerns bilingualism and second language learning, with a focus on how the social context is linked people's experience of intrinsic and self-determined motivation, the process of internalizing a new language into one's sense of self, and the implications of motivated learning for social identity. The second centers on the role of communication in the process of cross-cultural adaptation. For more information about my research, visit the Intercultural Communication Lab website.


PSYCH 344 - Intercultural Communication

Review of theory and research on communication processes in intercultural social interactions. Prerequisites: PSYCH 105. Note: Not open to students with previous credit in PSYCH 405 Topic: Intercultural Communications [Faculty of Arts].

PSYCH 541 - Advanced Social and Cultural Psychology I

[Faculty of Arts]

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