Kelsey Koon, PhD

Pronouns: she, her, hers



Area of Study / Keywords

Roman Frontiers Roman Archaeology Latinization Latin Language Roman Imperialism


U of A alum and Assistant Lecturer in the Department of History & Classics. I teach Latin, Roman history and archaeology, and Greco-Roman mythology.


My current research focuses on the archaeological evidence for the Latin language and Latin literacy in Roman Britain and how it factors into the cultural transformation of Britain during the Roman period. I've written on frontier food supplies and logistics, the influence of military demand on provincial economics, and the exchange of cultural objects and concepts between Roman soldiers and the civilian inhabitants of frontier communities.


In press: “Problems of Food Supply and Transport Logistics at Hauarra”. xx ms. pp. in J.P. Oleson, ed. The Humayma Excavation Project, 3: The Roman Auxiliary Fort. American Schools of Oriental Research

 In press: “The Chronology of Roman Britain” xx ms. pp in The Classical Review, Vol. 71.2


LATIN101: Beginner's Latin, CLASS102: Greek and Roman Mythology, CLASS104: Introduction to Ancient Rome, CLASS110: The Ancient World, CLASS480/516:Topics in the Roman Provinces (Roman Britain)


CLASS 102 - Greek and Roman Mythology

A survey of classical mythology with readings in translation from various ancient authors as well as from modern scholarly works.

Summer Term 2022 Fall Term 2022 Winter Term 2023

CLASS 110 - The Ancient World

World history from the beginning of written records to the sixth century AD. The ancient history of the Mediterranean world, with particular emphasis on Egypt, Greece and Rome and compares developments in civilization in these areas with those in Persia, India and China.

Winter Term 2023

CLASS 356 - Topics in Ancient Art

Examination of one aspect of art in the Greco-Roman world. Prerequisites: CLASS 254 or 255.

Fall Term 2022

CLASS 399 - Topics in the Ancient World

Winter Term 2023

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