Andrea Korda, PhD (University of California, Santa Barbara), MA (Concordia University), BA (Queen's University)

Associate Professor, Augustana - Fine Arts & Humanities

Pronouns: she, her


Associate Professor, Augustana - Fine Arts & Humanities



My research focuses on 19th-century visual and material culture. Current research projects look at the visual and material cultures of education, children's picture books, and crafting practices. I am one of the organizers of the award-winning Crafting Communities project, along with Mary Elizabeth Leighton and Vanessa Warne, and co-curator (with Heather Caverhill) of the virtual exhibition Photographies, hosted by Bruce Peel Special Collections at the University of Alberta. 

Looking for a podcast? Listen to Victorian Samplings

Are you a crafter? Visit the Crafting Communities website to learn about 19th-century crafts. Click on the "Create" tab for hands-on tutorials!

Interested in visiting an exhibition? 

  • Explore the virtual exhibition Photographies, hosted by Bruce Peel Special Collections at the University of Alberta
  • Engage with 26 unique material objects featured in the online exhibition Victorian Things 


Learn about my recent efforts to bring crafting into the humanities classroom:

Watch me and two students talk about "Crafting in the Humanities Classroom" at the UofA's Festival of Teaching and Learning:


AUART 100 - Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture

This course introduces students to the study of art and visual culture. Students will learn how to analyze images and works of art while engaging with select examples of both historical and contemporary art and visual culture.

AUART 220 - Modern Life, Modern Art

This course examines the development of modern art (c. 1848-1960) as a response to the new conditions and experiences of urban industrial society. We will ask what makes a work of art modern and question the utility of such works of art for the modern age.

AUART 281 - Sex, Gender and Art

Why should we care about gender and sexuality when we look at art and other visual images? In this course, students will answer this question by studying feminist art history, as well as scholarship addressing LGBTQI identities and intersections between gender, sexuality and race.

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