Yasmeen Krameddine


Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Psychiatry Dept


Area of Study / Keywords


I thrive on the idea that anyone can make the world a better place. My passion is in the mental health field where I have been proactively working on many projects to make police mental health interactions a safe one. I focus my research on creating training to prevent violent encounters in police interactions. As well, if we can minimize trauma from negative interactions we can then prevent Post Traumatic Stress Disorders with the goal of increasing mental health resilience. I have created a scientifically based 3-unit training system (1-Online training, 2- Scenario Role-play 3- Advanced Crisis Negotiation) with the goal of reaching International Police groups to create safer communities (see www.ProTraining.com).

At the University of Alberta, I will continue my research in police training and assist in the professional development and resilience of current graduate students.

I have created training for Police officers, University Security as well as Bus Operators and have the ability to create any other training that is needed (contact me). I enjoy learning and keeping up to date on research, which is why I am apart of the Canadian Society of Evidence Based Policing, the Canadian Association of Police Governance, and have created conference sessions for the Law Enforcement and Public Health Conference (LEPH) in Amsterdam (2016), and the International Association of Law and Mental Health Congress (IALMH) in Prague (2017). 

In my spare time I enjoy giving back to my community, where I volunteer for the Distress Line, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Edmonton Immigrant Services Association. In my other limited spare time I enjoy playing ice hockey, listening to live music, reading entrepreneurial books, and travelling.