Kaitlyn Tate, PhD RN

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Pronouns: she/her; they/their


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing

(780) 492-7953

Upon request


Area of Study / Keywords

older adults; health system performance; transitions; long-term care; quantitative methods


My EnACT (Enhancing Aged Care Transitions) Quality research program focuses on improving health system performance related to older persons’ transitions across the care continuum. Specifically, through this program, I examine facilitators and barriers to improving and reducing older adults' transitions across the care continuum as well as how we monitor, evaluate and subsequently improve (or reduce) older persons' transitions using administrative health data. I have clinical experience as a Registered Nurse in long-term care, home care, acute psychiatry and emergency settings, and experience as a research analyst in government. I have expertise in knowledge synthesis and certain quantitative methods, and experience employing qualitative and mixed methods research approaches. I am also Co-Prinicipal Investigator of the Connecting, Leadership, Education and Research (CLEAR) Outcomes program with Dr. Greta Cummings.


PhD (Nursing), University of Alberta (2022)

BScN (Honors), University of Alberta (2016)


Current Grants

2021-2023      CIHR Operating Grant: Health System Impact Fellowship – National Cohort Retreat - National Cohort Training Program. ($200,000 CAD). Enhancing a community of practice for the Health System Impact fellowship program: Advancing capacity for sustainable & patient-centered learning health systems across Canada. NPI: Marshall, D. PIs: Bryan, S., Doupe, M., Gallant, N., Lopatina, E., Manhas, K., McGrail, K., Noseworthy, T., Singal, D., Wasylak, T., Zelinsky, S. Co-Is: Bielska, I., Bruce, M., Cheng, I., Chishtie, J., Cook, S., Cressman, C., Crowshoe, T., Cummings, G.G., Currie, G., Hamilton, C., Hayeems, R., Hedden, L., Hu, J., Ivers, N., Lai, J., Jewett, R., Jose Santana, M., Kandola, D., King, M., Koval, A., Kuzmyn, T., Lavallee, D., Laur, C., MacDonald, S., Marchand, J., Oddone Paolucci, E., Parsons Leigh, J., Rafferty, E., Recsky, C., Safari, K., Tate, K., Van Roosmaln, J., Warshafsky, D., Weijs, C., Zwicker, J.

2020-2023      The Research Council of Norway International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research (INPART) Program. ($4 500 000 NOK [$609,979 CAD]): iNET: An international network to enhance older adult transitions between emergency departments & communities. NPI: Jacobsen, F. Co-PI: Doupe, M. Co-Is: Cummings, G. G., Blinkenberg, J., Tate K, et al.

2020-2023      CIHR Project Grant: Contextually appropriate nurse staffing models: A realist review. ($313,649 CAD) NPI: Cummings, G.G. Co-PIs: Tate, K., Raymond, C., Kitson, A., Harvey, G., Tod, A., Booth, A., Schoonhoven, L., Lalleman, P. Co-Is: Estabrooks, C., Doupe, M., Schultz, T., Ryan, T., Robertson, S., Hoben, M., Oostveen, C., Stalpers, D., Flynn, R.,  KU-Co-Is: Gordon, D., Chilton, S., Villeneuve, M., Hutchinson, A., Debbage, S., Jackson, W.


I am currently accepting MN and Honors students for 2024.


NURS 400 - Leadership in Nursing and Interprofessional Practice

The course prepares learners with the knowledge and capabilities for working within complex interprofessional environments in healthcare. It focuses on six key interprofessional competencies (patient/client/family/community-centred care, interprofessional communication, role clarification, team functioning, interprofessional conflict resolution and collaborative leadership). The course culminates with the application of knowledge to authentic scenarios and demonstration of effective collaborative teamwork. Prerequisite for students in the Collaborative/Honors and After Degree/After Degree Honors Programs: NURS 300. Prerequisite for Bilingual Program students: SC INF 300 or SC PO 320. Credit may be obtained for only one of NURS 400 or INT D 410.

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