Kevin Yoon, PhD

Director, Science Labs, Augustana - Sciences


Director, Science Labs, Augustana - Sciences


Area of Study / Keywords

Developmental biology Molecular genetics Eye development


AUBIO 230 - Molecular Cell Biology

The composition, structure and function of cell membranes including membrane transport, cell signaling and cell-cell interactions. Protein sorting and cytoskeletal function is integrated with their membrane interactions. The social context of cells is also considered. Prerequisite: AUBIO 111 and AUBIO 260.

AUBIO 260 - Principles of Genetics

Mendelian inheritance and its cytological features including the molecular and cellular basis for the transmission of hereditary characteristics. Topics that are emphasized include microbial genetics, cytoplasmic inheritance, linkage and genetic mapping, DNA as genetic material, gene action, and the genetic code. Prerequisites: AUBIO 111.

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