Lindsay Eales, PhD, MA, BScOT, OT Reg (AB)

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation - Academic Programs

Pronouns: they/them


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation - Academic Programs
2-130S University Hall
8840 114 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2J9


Area of Study / Keywords

Adapted Physical Activity Critical Disability and Mad Studies Trauma-Informed Practice Dance and Performance Critical Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation


I work to craft Mad-affirming and disability-affirming, accessible, intersectional, trauma-informed movement and performance communities. I do this by weaving my lived experience and professional practice with research-creation methodologies, as well as literature from Mad studies, critical disability studies, performance studies, and research on trauma-informed practice. My passions include teaching, choreographing, and performing disability-centered dance, Mad performance art, and crip video art. I am the co-director of the Just Movements CreateSpace, a research-creation space about and for justice-oriented movement cultures ( Over the past thirteen years I have presented research, performance, and workshops nationally and internationally, including in New York, Rennes (France), Seoul (South Korea), Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Victoria. I am the Programming Director of Solidance Inclusive Recreation Society, and a co-founder and former artistic director of iDANCE Edmonton Integrated Dance and CRIPSiE (the Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton). I am also a registered occupational therapist (AB) with over 20 years of specialized dance training, including training with leading integrated and disability dance practitioners around the world. 


My research interests include: qualitative methodologies, research-creation, and arts-based research; mad studies, critical disability studies, disability justice, and social justice; disability-centered dance; crip and Mad performance; Mad aesthetics, politics, and praxis; critical occupational therapy and therapeutic recreation; trauma-informed practices that are intersectional, anti-pathologizing, anti-oppressive, and affirming.


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Eales, L., Peers, D., & Coklyat, B. (April-May, 2019). Tactile Twisted Cripster. Imponderabilia. Gallatin Art Gallery – New York University, New York, NY. (Invited Crip, Mad, blind participatory research creation performance art).

Eales, L., & Peers, D. (2015-19). Intimacies. Toured extensively, including: Tisch School for the Arts, New York University, New York, NY; York University, Toronto, ON; Carlton Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON; Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, AB; The Motel, Calgary, AB. (Crip Mad research creation dance. Early version commissioned by Stage Left Production).

Peers, D., Sheppard, A., Eales, L., and Niedermeyer, L. (2018). Inclinations. Canada: Disability Dance Works. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. Played at over a dozen juried festivals across North America, Europe, Australia and in India. It has also played on California television and on Alaska Airlines. (wheelchair research creation dance-on-film).

Peers, D., Schenk, A., & Eales, L. (2018). Moving to Breath. Canada: Media in Motion Lab. Funded by Muscular Dystrophy Canada and MITACS. (Disability research creation dance and singing project).

Eales, L. with Nathan Fawaz, Sarah Hamill, Alexis, and Daley Laing (May, 2017) Mad Home. Edmonton, AB. See also (Mad participatory research creation performance – part of Doctoral dissertation).

Encuentro’s Disability and Performance Working Group (June, 2014). #IAMCHAIR. Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro Performance and Politics 2014 Conference, Montreal, QC. (Collaborative disability research creation performance intervention).

DuVal, J., Eales, L., Peers, D., & Ulanicki, R. (2013). The new constellation: A dance-umentary [Motion picture]. Canada. Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Eales, L. & Peers, D. (2013). Other-wise. Canada: CRIPSiE. Featured in Autonomous Spaces exhibit of disability art funded by the British Council and featured in France. Also chosen as a key disability art performance by the Hemispheric Institute of Politics and Performance in New York, and entered into their video archive of key performances in the Americas. (Queer crip Mad research creation video poem).

Eales, L. & iDANCE Edmonton Integrated Dance (July, 2012). (Dis)quiet in the Peanut Gallery. Arts-Based Research Studio Speakers’ Series, Edmonton, AB; and Feats Festival of Dance “Made in Alberta” professional showcase, Alberta Dance Alliance, Edmonton, AB. (Integrated arts-based research dance – part of Masters’ thesis).

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Eales, L. & Ulanicki, R. (October, 2011). Title that moves you: The experience of integrated dance. Arts-Based Research Studio Speakers’ Series. Edmonton, AB. (Disability arts-based research dance).


Primary Course Developer & Instructor, University of Alberta

2020 (RLS 473) Principles and Processes in Therapeutic Recreation, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, & Recreation

2011/13/15 (OCCTH 586) Student Selected Modules in Occupational Therapy: Social Justice in Occupational Therapy. Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Primary Instructor, University of Alberta

2020 (KIN 209) Research Methods in Kinesiology, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, & Recreation