Laurel Wheeler, PhD, MA, MSc, BA

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept



I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta. I hold a PhD in economics from Duke University, an MSc in economics for development from the University of Oxford, and a BA in political science from the University of Florida. I was born and raised in the sunny state of Florida. 


Broadly, my research addresses issues of poverty and inequality in low-income countries and in North America. My research interests lie at the intersection of development and labor economics, focusing on labor markets, housing markets, and human capital accumulation. My research is empirical and conducted with a view toward informing policy. I employ two data-driven methodological approaches: assembling and utilizing secondary microdata in creative ways, and designing and implementing large-scale field experiments. 


Winter 2020

ECON 203 - Indigenous Economics

ECON 403 - Indigenous Economic Development


ECON 251 - Indigenous Economics

A survey of the issues in Indigenous economies and an introduction to an economics framework for evaluating social policies that address inequality. Prerequisite: ECON 101.

Winter Term 2021
ECON 451 - Indigenous Economic Development

An examination of the economic development challenges faced by Indigenous communities with a particular focus on Indigenous communities in Canada. Application of economic development theory and tools to Indigenous contexts. Prerequisites: ECON 109, ECON 384 and 399.

Winter Term 2021
ECON 612 - Topics in Economic Development

Winter Term 2021

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