Lexuan Zhong, PhD, PEng

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept

Pronouns: She/Her

Personal Website: https://sites.ualberta.ca/~lexuan1


Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept
(780) 492-8820
10-215 Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering
9211 116 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5


Area of Study / Keywords

Website: https://sites.ualberta.ca/~lexuan1/ Energy And Environment Renewable Energy Mechanical Systems Control Systems Indoor air quality Advanced HVAC systems Health exposure assessment Building energy Green buildings


Dr. Zhong is the director and founder of the Built Environment Technology Lab (BETLab). She has extensive research and industrial experience in the field of the healthy indoor environment, with an in-depth understanding of heat and mass transfer in buildings, physico-chemical purification technologies, catalysis, and nanotechnology. She is a dynamic researcher who is highly proficient in applying experimental, computational, and field approaches to her research. Her speciality areas include building material characterization, air cleaning & odor control, indoor air science, resilience and built environment, design of advanced HVAC systems and green buildings, smart sensors and controls, and health exposure assessment. 



Ph.D., Concordia University (Distinction), Montreal, Canada

M.Sc., Tongji University, Shanghai, China

B.Sc., Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Research Areas

  • Indoor air quality characterization, filtration, purification, sterilization, and management
  • Indoor environmental quality performance approaches
  • Design and evaluation of advanced HVAC systems, ventilation systems, and green buildings
  • Renewable energy systems in buildings
  • Built environment & climate change
  • Intelligent building operation


MEC E 463 Thermo-fluids system design

MEC E 466 Building system design

MEC E 641 Environmental technologies in buildings


PhD Position Available – Particle pollution and control strategies. See details here.

Positions are available at both the Masters and Doctoral levels in the HVAC&R. Applicants with research experience in HVAC systems, indoor air quality, green buildings, building energy or other related areas are highly welcomed. Interested and qualified students are encouraged to contact Dr. Zhong for a possible opportunity to join her research team.

Featured Publications

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