Lee Foote, PhD Ecology, MSc Wildlife Management, BS Forestry

Pronouns: He, Him, His, Y'all


VPFO UofA Botanic Garden
(780) 803-8062

Retired but available for consultation remotely


Area of Study / Keywords

Wildlife biology Forestry Wetland Ecology Conservation Biology Resource Policy


Job/Research Area: Previously - Wetland Ecology and management. In addition to serving as a professor of Conservation Biology, for 2011-2020, Dr. Foote was the Director of the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, a 250-acre research, teaching and public display facility. He was a member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International, The University of Alberta Forestry School, and participated in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School sponsored by NSERC CREATE. Dr. Foote was co-PI on a SSHRC grant focused on digital interpretation of cultural and botanic gardens. He served as an advisor on the Prairie Urban Farm initiative at South Campus, was a founding member of the Hunting Angling Network Alberta (HANA), as well as an 18-year board of director for the Alberta Conservation Association. 


  • Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics Teacher of the Year award (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006).
  • Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society, William Rowan Lifetime Achievement Award, 2020


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests: Dr. Foote’s research focused on wetland management, disturbance, reclamation and wildlife habitat. Sustainable use figures large in his approaches to natural resources. Secondary research areas include social and ecological sustainability of threatened species, currently involved with projects on Trumpeter Swans, Peregrine Falcons, Polar Bears, Lake Sturgeon, and Kalahari Desert megafauna. During the last few years he has also returned to his plant community roots to work with graduate students and PDFs examining plant physiology and competition in relation to altered growing environments as a way of developing reclamation and protection prescriptions. He was a writer and advisor during the formulation of the 2013 Alberta Wetland Policy and its subsequent implementation. He served on the Board of Directors of the Alberta Conservation Association (2002-2020) and continues to write for them. He also served on the Alberta Environment and Parks committee for Alberta Game Policy Advisory Committee 2015-2020.


During 2015-2019 I taught a course entitled Urban Plants: Gardening and Sustainability (Plant Science 200) in the Faculty of ALES with experiential education, field trips, hands-on learning, practicums and extensive writing/editing.

Previously I created content for and taught ENCS 474 Utilization of Wildlife Resources (2000-2011); Forestry 200 (1997-2000); Wetland Ecology ENCS 510; Graduate Professionalism Ren R 410/420; Summer Field School (2003-2009); Field School to Africa (2004 and 2005) and numerous special problems courses for graduate and undergraduate students.


I retired 30 June 2020 to join my wife in British Columbia after 22 years in the Faculty of Agriculture Life and Environmental Sciences. I leave with great respect for my colleagues and appreciation for the role and contributions from this wonderful faculty.

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