Longzhou Wang, PhD

Assistant Lecturer, Alberta School of Business - Marketing, Business Economics and Law


Assistant Lecturer, Alberta School of Business - Marketing, Business Economics and Law
(780) 492-6034
1-23A Business Building
11203 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2R6



I received my Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Calgary in 2022. I am an applied microeconomist interested in Environmental Economics, International Economics, Development Economics, and International Business. My research is policy-related and involves the analysis of environmental regulation, transportation, product quality, productivity, innovation, international trade, firm competitiveness, markups, misallocation, labor, financial constraints, and market competition by exploiting various big datasets and multiple software programs.


Research Interests:

  • Environment and Energy Policy
  • International Trade
  • Firm Performance (e.g., Productivity, Finance, Innovation, and Competition)
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Applied Microeconometrics


Teaching Interests:

  • Business Economics
  • Environment and Energy Economics
  • International Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Labor Economics


BUEC 363 - Introduction to Energy and Resource Industries

Introduces students to the current Canadian and global energy landscape, key energy industries, regulations, and commodities markets. Examines oil sands, conventional oil sectors, refined products such as gasoline, renewable fuels, natural gas including shale gas, and electricity. Students will also be introduced to environmental issues such as climate change, water, and land use. Students will use economic models of energy demand and supply to determine the environmental and economic advantages/shortcomings of these models in their application to real-world issues, both within Alberta and internationally, and will learn how economics can be used to guide energy policy. Not to be taken by students with credit in BUEC 463.

BUEC 479 - Government and Business in Canada

The role of business in the public policy process: how business organizations influence public policy and its administration, and how public policies affect business. Processes of change are of particular interest. Attention is to the motivation, behavior patterns, and the dynamics of the interaction of different stakeholder groups, policy makers, and managers responsible for the implementation of public policies. Develops a framework for analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of different fiscal, regulatory, and promotional policies; consideration is given to the impact of technological, economic, and social change on policy choice in the long term. Prerequisite: BUEC 311 or ECON 281.

BUEC 488 - Selected Topics in Business Economics

Normally restricted to third- and fourth-year Business students. Prerequisites: BUEC 311 or ECON 281, or consent of Department. Additional prerequisites may be required.

BUEC 686 - Selected Topics in Business Economics

Topics may vary from year to year. Students should check with the MBA Office for pre/corequisites of specific sections.

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