Lorenz Sigurdson, PhD, MSc Caltech, BASc Toronto Engineering Science



Area of Study / Keywords

turbulence vortex fluid dynamics aerodynamics impacting water drops DNA micro arrays


After formally teaching at the U of A for 26 years his activities include:

  • Seeking methods to inspire creative thinking in design and everyday challenge-solving. Creativity has been the focus of his career activities: whether it be problem solving, engineering design, consulting with tech startups, or unlocking the secrets of nature for engineering application. He is available to give lectures and workshops on creativity and innovation, or his primary research area of fluid dynamics and flow control, to a diverse set of participants.
  • Presenting the June 2021 APEGA Nexus Professional Development Conference session: "Engineering Creativity: Wetware, Software and Hardware"  .
  • Giving invited talks at a turbulence symposium at Caltech and the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies lecture series to share and develop research progress.
  • Providing material for the most recent editions of textbooks; external evaluations for PhD examinees around the world; reviews of papers and grants; and other advice for international universities.
  • Meeting with former students, from those who are considering initial entrepreneurial pursuits to one who has co-founded a billion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up.
  • Advising non-engineers on how to proceed with their design innovations and providing letters of support for their grant applications.
  • Consulting on a wide variety of design challenges, from the design of a sonar probe support to hybrid air vehicles that get some of their lift from forward motion and some from buoyancy.

Over his career he has:

  • Taught, mentored, or collaborated with thousands of people in Alberta and at the finest universities worldwide.
  • Shared ideas with some of the world’s greatest thinkers.
  • Received teaching and appreciation awards, as well as recognition in Discover and New Scientist magazines.