Lynette Shultz, PhD, MA, BEd

Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Policy Studies Dept

Pronouns: she, her


Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Policy Studies Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Global social justice and education policy; Global governance citizenship and education; Educational leadership and social justice; Human rights education


EDPS 580 - Contemporary Issues in Education: Perspectives on Policy and Practice

Introduces students to foundational approaches to contemporary issues in Canadian and international education contexts. Introduces multidimensional approaches associated with the history, sociology, and philosophy of education to help students understand and critically assess educational policy and practice. May contain alternative delivery sections; refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

INT D 404 - Global Citizenship: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives

This course aims to provide students the opportunity to engage with current literature and experts, and to extend their own research skills as they strive to understand how global citizenship might frame the roles of individuals and communities with which they will interact in increasingly diverse social, economic, and political contexts that are not restricted by geographical or social boundaries. This course will examine select theories and case studies that focus on the constructions of global citizenship, and how citizenship is (has been) lived, denied, recreated and/or re-imagined. [Educational Policy Studies]

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Youth movements and climate change education for justice

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Facing colonial Canada through pedagogies of equity for First Nations: An advocacy education project.

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Collaborative learning on energy justice: International youth perspectives on energy literacy and climate justice

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ME to WE social entrepreneurship: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

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What are we saving? Tracing governing knowledge and truth discourses in global COVID-19 policy responses

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Global citizenship education: debating and developing the key ideas and issues.

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Engaging the Multiple Discourses of Global Citizenship Education within a Canadian University: Deliberation, Contestation, and Social Justice Possibilities

Author(s): Shultz, L.
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Global Citizenship Education in Post-Secondary Institutions: Theories, Practices, Policies

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Global Citizenship Education and the Role of the Academy: A Critical Introduction

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Educating for Human Rights and Global Citizenship

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Exploring Partnership Principles and Ethical Guidelines for Internationalizing Post-Secondary Education

Author(s): Shultz, L.