Mark Greene



EXOS 4624 - Health and Safety Law

As a health and safety practitioner your practice is governed by an array of Federal and Provincial legislation and policy. This course, which is based on current legislation, will guide students through the key elements of the regulatory environment governing workplace safety including: the framework of occupational health and safety in Alberta, organizational obligations, jurisdictional considerations, and an overview of ethical and legal responsibilities as a safety professional.

EXOS 4634 - Human Rights: Workplace Health and Safety

Human Rights Legislation and Safety Legislation do not always work harmoniously together. When conflict occurs, one must be careful to achieve the safety objective with a minimal impact to fundamental human rights. This seminar will discuss the major areas of conflict including: pre-employment medical testing and medical information, duty to accommodate disabilities, provision of programs in different languages, drug and alcohol testing, and PPE and religious practices. Also, this seminar will acquaint you with the Human Rights Process and discuss strategies to ensure that you and your company are complying with the legislation.

EXOS 4639 - Workplace Violence and Harassment Law

Workplace violence and harassment legislation does not simply involve responding to incidents; it also requires an understanding of the hazardous conditions that may lead to violence or harassment and ensuring that such hazards are properly controlled. This seminar will acquaint you with the law surrounding workplace violence and harassment (including the recent changes to the OHS Act and OHS Code) and discuss strategies to ensure that you and your organization are complying with the law.

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