Mang Ma

Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Medicine Dept


Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Medicine Dept
(780) 492-8146


Area of Study / Keywords

Clinical Hepatology NAFLD Viral Hepatitis


Dr. Mang Ma is a Hepatologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Alberta. 

Dr. Ma received his medical degree from the University of Alberta, completed his Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology training at the University of Alberta.  He received fellowship awards from the Alberta Heritage for Medical Research and Medical Research Council to pursue research training in hepatitis B molecular biology.  He joined the Division of Gastroenterology in 1995 and is an active member since.

Dr. Ma has won numerous teaching awards and had received the Excellence in Humanism Award from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.  He has also received the Distinguished Educator Award from the Alberta Society of Gastroenterology.  In 2021, he received the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver Education Excellence Award.  In 2023, he received the Dr. Richard Fedorak Memorial Award in Professionalism.  

He has been an examiner for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons' Gastroenterology examination for many years.  

Dr. Ma has a busy clinical practice in Hepatology and medical management of patients with liver transplant.  With a grant from the Institute of health Economics, he is investigating how clinical service can be improved for both urban and non urban liver patients.  He has helped to established the first provincial management pathway for MASLD patients.  

His research interests are in clinical management of MASLD patients and chronic HBV patients.  

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