Marina Blekher

Full Teaching Professor, Faculty of Arts - Linguistics Dept


Full Teaching Professor, Faculty of Arts - Linguistics Dept
(780) 492-4970
4-43 Assiniboia Hall
9137 116 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E7


LING 101 - Introduction to Linguistic Analysis

Central concepts of linguistics: linguistic categories and structure (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics). Note: May not be taken by students with credit in LING 111.

LING 204 - Syntax of the World's Languages

Exploration of morphological and syntactic phenomena found in English and other languages of the world. Prerequisite: LING 101.

LING 320 - Second Language Acquisition

Application of linguistics to theoretical issues in second-language acquisition: properties of language, problems of languages in contact, psycholinguistic aspects of bilingualism. Prerequisite: LING 101. Recommended: LING 204.

LING 405 - Historical Linguistics

Principles and methods in the study of language change. Prerequisite: LING 310. Not offered every year.

LING 599 - Special Topics in Linguistic Research

A study of recent developments in particular areas of linguistic research. Prerequisite: consent of Department. Formerly LING 443.

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