Md Monjurul Hasan, PhD

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Computing in Civil Engineering Construction Planning Operation Planning Optimization Techniques Artificial Intelligence Application in Construction


My name is Mohammad Monjurul Hasan. I completed my PhD at the University of Alberta (U of A). During my PhD I worked as a Graduate Research Student in Dr. Ming Lu and Dr. AbouRizk's research group. Before embarking on my Ph.D. journey at U of A, I served as a Lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering at Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Bangladesh, for a brief period.

As a researcher, my primary focus is on applying smart computing techniques to solve complex problems in the field of Civil Engineering. My Ph.D. research is centered around developing the next generation of planning solutions for off-site construction facilities. You can find detailed information about my research projects in the Research Projects section of my research website. In addition to delving into theoretical foundations, I am always enthusiastic about creating practical and user-friendly prototype software. You'll find several software applications resulting from my direct research efforts in the Developed Applications section of this website. If any of my research projects pique your interest and you'd like to learn more or discuss new ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me.


  • Application of smart computing techniques in Civil Engineering
  • Offsite construction planning 
  • Infrastructure planning and asset management 

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