Mark Huson

Professor, Alberta School of Business - Department of Finance

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Professor, Alberta School of Business - Department of Finance
(780) 492-2803
4-20C Business Building
11203 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2R6




BS Business (Finance), Canisius College, New York, 1987

MS Applied Economics, University of Rochester, 1990

PhD University of Rochester, 1995


Teaching Experience

  • Finance 301 - Introduction to Finance
  • Finance 488 - Selected Topics in Finance
  • Finance 501 - Financial Valuation and Management
  • Finance 502 - Introduction to Financial Valuation
  • Finance 634 - Corporate Financial Planning


FIN 658 - Creative Destruction Lab - Rockies

Application of financial and entrepreneurial theory and analysis to the development of new ventures, focusing on developing an effective scale up model, establishing effective governance structures, negotiating with venture capitalists, and developing an exit strategy. Course balances learning of concepts, development of analytical skills, and practice in decision-making. Opportunity to apply learning to cases, exercises and to learn about real world financing situations. This course is designed to help students learn about the formation, financing, and management of massively scalable ventures though a series of close interactions with early-stage technology companies and their potential mentors and investors. This course is suitable for students pursuing careers in strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and finance. Due to the course's special requirement to work closely with early-stage ventures: students must commit to signing a program-wide non-disclosure agreement, students must be flexible to accommodate meetings with ventures, and students must apply and be accepted into the program. Pre-requisite: FIN 657.

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Scholarly Activities

Research - Conference Proceedings

“Legal Constraints on Large Block Shareholders: An upper bound on expropriation” in Ronald J. Daniels and Randall Morck eds., Concentrated Corporate Ownership, 1999, University of Chicago Press.

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“Institutional activism in Canada: does it work, can it be improved?” in R.J. Daniels and R. Morck eds., Corporate Decision-Making in Canada, Industry Canada Research Series, University of Calgary Press, 1995.

Research - Journal Articles

"Public market staging: the timing of periodic capital infusions to newly public firms," (with M. Hertzel and R. Parrino), Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 106, No. 1, 2012.

"Compensation Committees' Treatment of Earnings Components in CEO's Terminal Years," (with Yao Tian, Christine Wiedman, and Heather Wier), Accounting Review, Vol. 87, No. 1, 2012.

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