Rashid Mirzavand Boroujeni, PhD, SMIEEE

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept
Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept

Pronouns: he, him, his


Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept

Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Microwaves Circuits & Sensors IoT 5G OTA Measurement Antennas


Dr. Rashid Mirzavand is a research and development scientist with the Intelligent Wireless Technology Laboratory, University of Alberta. He is a co-founder of WiDyne Tech., SenZioT Tech., and Anteligen Tech. from the University of Alberta. He is the author of more than 170 papers published in refereed journals and conference proceedings. His major topics of research interest include, but are not limited to measurement systems, sensors, and microwave/millimeter-wave circuits and antennas.

Dr. Mirzavand is currently involved in several multidisciplinary research projects, striking at electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, with a focus on the development and commercialization of intelligent integrated sensors and antenna technologies that are applicable to ICT, smart cities, construction, healthcare, environment, transportation, and the energy sector.


  • Intelligent Sensors
  • Measurement Systems
  • Wireless Data and Power Transmission
  • Antenna for New Generation Communication Systems
  • Numerical Methods in Electromagnetic and circuits
  • Microwave Circuits (Passive & Active)


Undergraduate co-op, visiting, and graduate students and postdoctoral Fellowship positions (Contact Dr. Mirzavand by email)


ECE 578 - Advanced Mircowave and Millimeter-wave Circuits

Principles of microwave and millimeter-wave circuit design, various transmission lines and their frequency dependency behavior, transition between different transmission lines, standard components realization and their analysis and applications, Emerging technologies and state of the art microwave and millimeter-wave circuit realization, System and higher level integration with focus on configurations and technological challenges, measurement techniques and instruments.

Winter Term 2022

MEC E 668 - Design of Experiments in Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to Experimental Design, with particular emphasis on mechanical engineering. Randomized factorial and fractional factorial experiments. Fitting regression models and optimization. Applications to analytical and computer models.

Winter Term 2022

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