Matthew Miller


Faculty of Extension - Management & Leadership


EXSCMA 5632 - SMT Procurement

From recognizing a need to issuing a purchase order, Participants will learn the essentials of determining quantity, specifications and price that are the cornerstones of procurement. This course covers a variety of procurement scenarios: repetitive purchases of production materials, procuring one-time low-cost items, large capital goods acquisition and securing commodities under long-term supply contracts. The opportunities and challenges of international procurement versus domestic procurement will be discussed. Participants will gain a broad understanding of the role of procurement and the various ways it can be organized.

EXSCMA 5633 - SMT Transportation

Participants will learn the advantages and limitations of the 4 modes of transportation: road, rail, air and water, as well as intermodal transportation. Topics covered include the role of freight forwarders, brokers and integrated transportation companies. This course will introduce Participants to transportation documentation and allow them to experience basic load planning. Participants will gain an overview of contracts, insurance, customs clearance and letters of credit. The fundamentals of lncoterms 2010 and their impact on buyer-seller responsibility for transportation will also be examined.

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