Anita Molzahn, CM, PhD, FCAHS

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Faculty of Nursing


Area of Study / Keywords

Quality of Life; Chronic Illness; Nursing


Dr. Molzahn served as Dean in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2017. She completed her MN and PhD (Sociology) at the University of Alberta. She is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and a Member of the Order of Canada.  


Dr. Molzahn's clinical practice interests relate to nephrology nursing and transplantation. Her research focuses on quality of life, particularly in relation to chronic illness. Her interest in quality of life has led to studies relating to organ donation and studies that include quality of life measurement as an outcome. Dr. Molzahn is the Canadian principal investigator in the WHOQOL Group, an international research group working with WHO on the development and testing of a series of instruments to measure quality of life, including the WHOQOL-100, WHOQOL-BREF, and WHOQOL-OLD. She has been involved in a number of evaluations that include measurement of quality of life as an outcome. She has recently completed research involving narrative inquiry with people with life-threatening illnesses (see and a recently funded study (by CIHR) of people with life limiting illness and their family members.


Life and priorities before death: A narrative inquiry of uncertainty and end of life in people with heart failure and their family members.

Author(s): Molzahn, A.E., Sheilds, L., Bruce, A, Schick-Makaroff, K, Antonio, M. & Clark, A.M.
Publication Date: 4/27/2020
Publication: European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.
External Link:

Holding secrets while living with life-threatening illness: Normalizing patients’ decisions to reveal or conceal. , 1–11

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Publication Date: 11/19/2019
Publication: Qualitative Health Research
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Issue: 5
Page Numbers: 655-665
External Link:

Living with CKD: Illness perceptions, symptoms, coping and quality of life.

Author(s): Kalfoss, M., Schick-Makaroff, K., & Molzahn, A.E.
Publication Date: 3/1/2019
Publication: Nephrology Nursing Journal
Volume: 46
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Living with dying: A narrative inquiry of people with chronic kidney disease and their family members.

Author(s): Molzahn A.E., Sheilds L., Bruce A., Schick-Makaroff K., Antonio M., & White L.
Publication Date: 8/21/2018
Publication: Journal of Advanced Nursing
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Use of electronic patient reported outcomes in clinical nephrology practice: A qualitative pilot study.

Author(s): Schick-Makaroff, K.L., Tate, K., & Molzahn, A.E.
Publication Date: 6/1/2018
Publication: Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease
Volume: 6
External Link:

Examining the transition from child to adult care in chronic kidney disease: An open exploratory approach.

Author(s): Nicholas, D., Kaufman, M., Pinsk, M., Samuel, S., Hamiwka, L, & Molzahn, A.E.
Publication Date: 6/1/2018
Publication: Nephrology Nursing Journal
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Supportive care in chronic kidney disease

Author(s): Molzahn AE, Schick-Makaroff K
Publication Date: 2017
Publication: In S.Bodin (Ed.), Contemporary nephrology nursing
Volume: (3rd ed.)
Issue: (book chapter)

A qualitative study to explore patient and staff perceptions of intradialytic exercise

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Publication: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
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Narrative research evolving: Evolving narrative research

Author(s): Bruce A, Beuthin R, Sheilds L, Molzahn AE, Schick Makaroff K
Publication Date: 2016
Publication: International Journal of Qualitative Methodology
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
External Link:

Why take the chance: A qualitative grounded theory study of nocturnal hemodialysis recipients who decline kidney transplantation

Author(s): Rosenthal, M., Molzahn, A., Chan, C.T., Cockfield, S., Kim, J., & Pauly RP
Publication Date: 2016
Publication: BMJ Open
Volume: 6
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Page Numbers: e011951
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