Marcia Spetch, PhD


Faculty of Science - Psychology Science
(780) 492-7139
P-438 Bio Science - Psychology Wing
11355 - Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E9



Comparative studies of learning, memory and cognition, including spatial memory and navigation, avian visual cognition, and object recognition. Memory biases and gambling.


Perception of complex motion in humans and pigeons (Columba livia).

Author(s): Nankoo, J.-F., Madan, C. R., Spetch, M. L., & Wylie, D. R.
Publication Date: 2014
Publication: Experimental Brain Research

Remembering the best and worst of times: Memories for extreme outcomes bias risky decisions.

Author(s): Madan, C.R., Ludvig, E.A. & Spetch, M.L.
Publication Date: 2014
Publication: Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Reward context determines risky choice in pigeons and humans.

Author(s): Ludvig, E. A., Madan, C. R., Pisklak, J. M., & Spetch, M. L.
Publication Date: 2014
Publication: Biology letters

Reorientation in diamond-shaped environments: Encoding of features and angles in enclosures versus arrays by adult humans and pigeons (Columba livia).

Author(s): Lubyk, D.M., Spetch, M.L., Zhou, R., Pisklak J. & Mou, W.
Publication Date: 2013
Publication: Animal Cognition